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 On September 5 2023 we have opened our doors for the very first group of children with a sensory processing disorder (autism / gifted) to offer them education in an environment with little stimuli.

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Valeo primary school

- education with a personal approach -

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About Valeo

Valeo is an innovative private school in Eindhoven. We offer education to children with a sensory-processing sensitivity. At Valeo we focus on optimal development and an ultimate balance between body and mind.
At Valeo, children can be individuals and perfectly fine just the way they are.

On September 5 2023 our school opened doors for our first group.
Soon after, a second group was created.

Within the structured schedule, every child works at their own pace and level. The material and approach we use, can vary per day per child, depending on their needs.

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"Great to finally have warm high quality education available in our neighbourhood".

"I look forward to the time that my child no longer cries when he goes to school and comes home completely exhausted".

"Wonderful that you have created a place where my child can actually work at its own pace instead of being held back by a group".

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Our mission

Not all children can thrive in the chaos of traditional crowded classrooms and sometimes outdated methods.
Despite the teachers' efforts and due to a lack of resources most children cannot be given the attention or challenge they desperately need. Some may even feel invisible or misunderstood.  
At Valeo we offer a place where children can develop many skills and excel at their talents.
They are seen, heard and appreciated.

It is our mission to make children feel stimulated, to expand and grow in their value.
Like the name "Valeo" says "worthy", every child is worth it, to thrive in a happy educational setting.
We work towards the child being able, to fully develop itself and we work on learning how to deal with external distractions and stimuli better.
We use difficult and unpredictable situations to teach the children how to deal with them. This way we prepare them for society. 

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For who?

Our school is suitable for highly sensitive children who:

thrive in a stress free environment;
- have an average of very high intellect (gifted);
- need/want a personal approach;

- need extra guidance;

- want to feel heard, seen and aprreciated;
- enjoy working at their own pace and level;

- want to connect with like-minded children.

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The groups

Together, the children discover new things, while speaking in English and Dutch.
The main language is Dutch. 
In our student tracking system we can see how they grow as an individual.

Tekening van het Meisje

Age 4-6

The group is small and calm, yet inspiring.
The children get to learn about various subjects while playing.
Playfully they socialize and practice skills. The kindergartners are stimulated to be active and adventurous. They use all sorts of materials including an ipad. Playing outdoors is also a large part of healthy development. 

Max 6 children.


Age 7-12

In this group for children, we continuously keep in mind to have a low-stimulus environment. Everything is adapted to what the children need. They get a lot of attention and personal guidance.
The children work on Dutch, English, math, history, biology, and geography, using a laptop or other materials. They go out into nature to expand their horizons. Can choose to make music to enhance brainfunctions. Do all kinds of sports in the morning and work a lot on social skills and on how to handle stimuli.
The kids experiment with physics, chemistry, and software.

Max 6 children.

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Tuition fee and 

time schedule

Age 4-6 

649 euro

Monthly, 12 x a year.
The school is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Time: 9.00-13.00
No school on Wednesdays.

Age 7-12 

899 euro

Monthly, 12 x a year.
The school is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Time: 9.00-14.30
Welcome from 8.45
No school on Wednesdays.

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Pre school daycare

8.00-9.00 / 7.50 euro p child p hour

Age 4-12

On Thursdays from 8.00-9.00 there is pre school daycare at school.
On Tuesdays till 17.00 there is after school care.

At your request pre and after school care can be added on more days.

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Why choose Valeo?

- It is our passion to inspire children and to watch them grow up becoming self consious strong individuals.
- At Valeo we give personal attention to every child.
- Every child works at their own pace and level.
- There is a lot of room for the child's input.
- We offer an environment in which the child can develop and thrive.
- Children get the chance to be calmer and hapier.
- We stimulate the development of talent instead of focussing on "flaws".
- Contact possible through whatsapp with te school, at any moment.
- We use a mood meter 3 times a day to check how the child is feeling.
- Tight community.
- A decent preparation towards the chaos of society and high school.

Is my special needs child welcome?

Yes, if your child can function in a small group. In every individual case we need to discuss the special needs and decide if we can offer the proper care.
Our school is a perfect fit for children that thrive in a stress free environment with a personal approach. Stimming and fluttering for example, are no problem. We value every child as it is and do not judge.

How does customized education work at Valeo?

Because the groups are so small it is possible to let every child work on their own exercises, at their own pace and level. They can constantly get instruction and steering if necessary. The child sees their own progress and focuses on themselves. Because we work a lot online and due to the close observation by the teacher, we are able to measure progress all the time. Tests are not necessary.
We discuss what does work and what doesn't and adjust it. That way the child can always see him/herself grow as a person all the time, rather than competing with others in a huge classroom. 

Is my child welcome when he/she does not speak Dutch?

Absolutely! In the lessons we speak Dutch and English all the time. Along the way they will learn Dutch and all the Dutch native speakers learn English. In no time the children will be able to have conversations and work, in both languages.

My child is not a special need child. Is he/she welcome?

Yes. If your child needs or desires personal attention for any reason, he/she is welcome.

How do other parents organize finances?

The tuition fee at Valeo is remarkably low in comparison with other private schools that offer personal education.
Nevertheless, it is not a given, that all parents are able to pay for the tuition, that easily.

This is what other parents do:
Have grandparents of or family members to contribute, apply for extra child support from the government for their child with autism, work an extra day or set up a private crowfunding activity.

We will keep you informed about our fundraising activities.

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Kids for Peace

Educational trips

Going to places like museums, the theater, technology center, robotica center, going on a survival trip etc inspires the children and helps them open up their view of the world.

Summer party

At the end of the school year in June/July, there will be a party for all the children with parents and siblings.

Ballonnen zweven in de lucht


You can apply for an interview through the contact form now. We are welcoming parents and children to our location for interviews. When the parents, the child in question, and the school are positive about the child joining, they can start from September 5 2022.

Fun trip

Playgrounds, climbing walls, ice skating etc are things that help create a bond between the children, which will benefit the atmosphere in the classroom.

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I want to have more information

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"Every child deserves an amazing environment where they can blossom"
Saskia Moesman

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Informatie - Information

Alard du Hamelstraat 33
5622 CC Eindhoven

06-5395 6995

Onze school is gevestigd in een gezamenlijk gebouw. Op google vind je vd Velde tandarts op dit adres. We verblijven beiden in dit gebouw.

Bedankt voor de inzending!

0031-6 53956995

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